Stupid Creatures is a great big series of design services provided by one multifaceted artist, Me. My primary product is custom soft sculpture monsters made from recycled fabrics, often socks. But my skills and talents don’t end there. Nor do my aspirations. I want to write comics, make cartoons and design toys on top of being a soft sculpting craftsperson.

My clients are both private and corporate. My target audience for stuffed monsters is everybody who likes my stuff. My target audience for illustrations is young professionals, or those who target young professionals. My target audience for cartoons is major TV networks. I want to infiltrate your homes, your businesses and your TV sets. And then I’ll colonize Mars.

I’m a native North Carolinian. I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. I’ve wanted all kinds of jobs growing up, but none of them was ever toy design. My parents say I started drawing when I was 3. Knowing how to draw was my saving grace throughout my public school career, since I wasn’t an athlete. I love being an artist. I have 4 siiblings.

I went to East Carolina University and double majored in illustration and ceramic sculpture. I worked for 2 years as the newsroom artist for the Wilmington Star News. I did a brief independent study in ceramics at San Francisco State University. I’ve apprenticed bronze caster Joe Orlando, and worked for ceramic sculptor and professor John Toki.

Anyway. I like comic books, comic strips, animated TV shows and animated movies. I like Baroque sculpture and Harlem Renaissance painting. I prefer Bernini to Michaelangelo. Donatello’s David is my least favorite David. I’m not a fan of Matisse, but I appreciate what he did with color. I’m a fan of Henri Duchamp, but I think Jackson Pollock is a hack. I prefer communication to expression, though I believe expression happens whether you want it to or not. I prefer function to aesthetics, but if you can do well at both, all the better. I prefer to learn about something before deciding it doesn’t make sense or whether I like it or not. I prefer to get to know an artist before I judge his or her work.

I speak more Spanish and less French than many Americans. I am a Christian. I’ve been one since I was 14. I’m not faking it either and I won’t stop being one, regardless of the prevailing political climate that surrounds me. I get along with most non-Christians I know. I do my best to study doctrine and theology, since I profess to live by it. I figure that’s only decent.