Ask your favorite local bookseller to stock these titles.
The first two give me royalties. The others are just darned great. Click the icons to visit their individual websites and to buy copies.

Return of the Stupid Sock Creatures
By John Murphy, edited by Thom O’Hearn
Lark Books

Closet Monsters
By John Murphy, edited by Terry Taylor and Amanda Carestio
Lark Books

Stupid Sock Creatures
By John Murphy, edited by Joanne O'Sullivan
Lark Books
This is my first book ever. It came out in 2005 and since then countless people have begun making their own sock monsters. I get so many fan letters its ridiculous. My momma goes to bed proud each night.

Stupid Sock Creatures Box Set, Updated Version
By John Murphy, edited by Terry Taylor
Lark Books
Okay, so, the enterprising and always surprising, self-proclaimed Craft Whore, Terry Taylor of Lark Books was responsible for the box set versions of my book. There was an earlier version of this one, but it went out of print because China’s gone and become all expensive (not that they’re undeserving). But Terry CPRed his box set vision and developed this slimmed down version. The book inside is more of a book-let, but the instructions and content are all the same. Plus, this version features Zarzak the Silent Destroyer, a brand new ninth pattern! Perhaps I’ll even include Zarzak in my comics.