Studio Visits

It’s a small room, but I love it and it suits me.
What you will discover, rather than a toy store or a gallery, is that my studio is a small room packed with fabrics, creatures, tables, clutter and sewing machines. It is seriously my favorite place to be in town, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too. In addition, you need to be able to handle stairs to visit the room itself. Otherwise, there’s a picnic table outside the building where we can visit, weather permitting.

Please, please, please ring first.
Since we are a tourist destination, we river district artists try our best to project a sense of welcome. But there most likely will be schedule conflicts with any unplanned visit. Find my number on the contact page. I may need to tidy before you visit, I may be up to my neck in deadlines, and I might also be working under a nondisclosure agreement and need to throw a sheet over sensitive items.

Purchasing Creatures at the Studio
I may have a backstock of creatures available to buy during your visit. You can always ask. Usually, though, the creatures present are tied up in shows and/or commissions. Please don’t be offended if you can’t buy something you see and like. I can always arrange a job for you and put you in the queue. For the moment, I can only take cash and personal checks at the studio. I can take credit cards online at my site.

General Hours
Weekdays after 3:30
Saturdays from 10 a.m. till perhaps 6 or so.
Please, still ring first.