New Creatures
This exciting page features links to new creature galleries. I think of these guys as characters, and when I do a run of similar creatures, I develop a series that I hope to later make into kids’ books or cartoons. Though, I do need to earn my keep so some of these creatures were made just to sell. And that happens from time to time. Click on the series titles to see the galleries.

Trexler and Thackery, Private Detectives
These two characters were done in black and white per the requirements of entering them into a particular show. All of us entrants had to use the same materials, which were only black, white and grey, since the point of the show was design rather than color. Their black and white color scheme evoked images of Dick Tracy-era, pulp fiction detective dime novels, so whenever I get around to writing for these two, they’ll be solving thefts and murders.

The Hideyberrs
These guys were my first series to feature a pocket mouth. I made them to be just a series of things I could sell. It was fun kind of foregoing the notion that each one had to have a personality and a story. I just cut fabric and sewed. I might make more, but who knows.

The Nursing Home Series
This set of monsters looked like senior citizens, so I made up a story line about nursing home residents. They all band together to thwart the evil gerontologist who performs experiments on them.

A Town of Distinction
This series features a bunch of rural bumpkins whose town bears a dark, oily secret. I drew upon my love for small towns and tightly knit communities of people who’ve known each other for generations. Everyone in this town knows each other’s business, but a circus troupe has moved into town, causing a bump in the town’s regularity. They figure out a way to get along, even though the locals hold all the sway. I look forward to writing some stories about these characters and exploring how the new and the old must work together to conquer a common evil.

Simple Little Oafs
Sometimes I get paranoid about overdesigning some of these monsters. When people don’t have a lot of cash, and I still need to make sales, I try to keep my labor low. So I made these guys. They’re endearing, and they all sold, but the idea is kind of played out so I might not revisit these .

The Glumys
These guys were an answer to a need for something simply designed and moderately priced. I think they turned out really well. I’m going to make more with holiday themes with a cynical edge. These could do really well.

The Zombabies
I made a series of zombie children from abandoned clothing harvested from schools and playgrounds. You wouldn’t believe the waste you can encounter at such places! They were a hit and sold really well, so I’m going to keep making them.

Kevin, Alex and Enzo
These three looked like they belonged in the same gallery.