Hire me to teach classes

Ever since my book came out in 2005 I’ve been teaching classes as often as I can. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I can work with people of most ages and varying skill levels. And you’d be surprised at the number of guys who turn up. These classes are for everyone. There’s always something someone can learn, whether he’s just picked up a needle for the first time, or whether she’s a master quilter. We cut, we sew, we laugh and are always incredibly pleased with our results.

You Need To Hire Me If...
  • You’re looking for an intensive, in-depth, week-long workshop or just something to pass the time on a Saturday
  • Your kid hates clowns and wants something better to do at his birthday party
  • You want your kid to develop other things to do with his or her hands and eyes than play video games
  • Your corporate board of executives needs something else to stimulate mind and body during a long convention weekend
  • You want a great way to sharpen your visual/tactile acuity and problem solving skills
  • Your planet’s resources are being badly misused and you want to learn a more sustainable means for entertainment and enterprise.

Visit my contact page and drop me a line or phone me to tell me you’re interested. We’ll discuss rates and arrangements then. In the meantime, enjoy these galleries which serve as testament to my lessons.

Lessons for Grownups

Lessons for Kids and Teens

Lessons for Professionals