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Stupid Creatures Brand
Be a brand loyalist and get stuff with my logo and brand name all over it.
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What I Said
When I can think of something clever and concise, I’ll put it on a shirt.
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Robots of All Kinds
They’re going to eat us all anyway once they take over the world in a few years, so you may as well show your loyalty now.
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Toons and Sketches
While I’m away at camp I draw crazy things to keep my sanity. Now you get to wear them.
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The Vectrons are alien beings I cobble together from vector files of everyday objects. They’re otherworldly, but oh so earthling.
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Ask your favorite local bookseller to stock these titles.
The first two give me royalties. The others are just darned great. Click the icons to visit their individual websites and to buy copies.

Stupid Sock Creatures
By John Murphy, edited by Joanne O'Sullivan
Lark Books
This is my first book ever. It came out in 2005 and since then countless people have begun making their own sock monsters. I get so many fan letters its ridiculous. My momma goes to bed proud each night.

Stupid Sock Creatures Box Set, Updated Version
By John Murphy, edited by Terry Taylor
Lark Books
Okay, so, the enterprising and always surprising, self-proclaimed Craft Whore, Terry Taylor of Lark Books was responsible for the box set versions of my book. There was an earlier version of this one, but it went out of print because China’s gone and become all expensive (not that they’re undeserving). But Terry CPRed his box set vision and developed this slimmed down version. The book inside is more of a book-let, but the instructions and content are all the same. Plus, this version features Zarzak the Silent Destroyer, a brand new ninth pattern! Perhaps I’ll even include Zarzak in my comics.

Revelations and the Stupid Creatures
By John Murphy and Liana Finck
Mark Batty Publisher
This book is an unlikely collaboration between myself and Liana Finck, a brilliant illustrator. Her stylistic, swirling lines and incredible eye for color really give my creatures an unusual and eyepopping context. See my Blarg for more information, and follow the links above to snag a copy.

By Linda Kopp
Lark Books
This was the first plush book I was ever tapped to help write. You’ll find a contributing writer’s credit somewhere inside. It was really neat consulting with authors and editors, helping them understand how to put to words what it’s like to sew. The version listed here is the box set version. There’s a book on its own, so give them both a try.

Green Design
Edited by Buzz Poole
Mark Batty Publisher
This was a nifty book to be included in. This book features environmentally friendly products by designers all over the world. I was really pleased to be featured in it because of the recycling/reclamation angle of my work. Buzz Poole is quite a fixture over at Mark Batty. He’s most famous for his head scratcher of a documentary Madonna of the Toast. Read more about his religious food experiences here

Invasion of the Plush Monsters
By Veronika Gunter
Lark Books
Lark Books brought me back on board to help develop a book geared towards teenagers. This book features designs that have an element of function. I was able to recruit my former assistant Ian Dennis to contribute designs and instructions for it. We worked with long-time plush/fiber superstar Jenny Harada and came up with several designs apiece. I did the illustrations and edited a lot of the instructions. It was a lot of fun making this book.

Edited by R. Klanten and M. Huebner
This was a fun book. It sort of put Ian and I on the map as cutting edge plush toy artists. We were super pleased when the book came out.

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