The Price Nazi Strikes Again. God please help me to say nice things.

The idiot who undervalues my work struck again (see my BLARG! entry from February 22). The response below is the very one I sent. It took mountains of titanium battleship chain to restrain me from the hate-drenched words I wanted to write. Somebody hug me or send me a truck full of chocolate. Now.

On Mar 2, 2013, at 7:35 PM, [the dumbest dumb@$$ in the world] wrote:
well i do think that over 100 dollars is a pretty expensive price on a stuffed animal. unbelievably the price is over 150 dollars. a reasonable price for a stuffed animal that size would be 30 to 40 dollars i do understand that he is handmade and he is a very cute animal but i do believe that it should be priced lower.

You are welcome to your opinion. You are also welcome to browse my creatures in the $20 price range.
Thanks for calling Julian cute. It's nice we have some common ground there. 


It said “unbelievably.” The knucklehead ACTUALLY said “UNBELIEVABLY!!” I must be actually talking to a child, which is why it’s likely best I responded with restraint.