Hull Hits Home

Hi, Everybody..

I love receiving word that a creature has made it safely to its new home. I love it even more when pics are sent. But what puts this over the top is some top notch fan art from my creature’s recipient. Young Elijah from Midlothian, VA sent confirmation that the Zombaby Hull has arrived safely.

Now, Hull’s trip was not without its wrinkles. Elijah’s mom first spoke to me while having some difficulty negotiating my Etsy page. It was a bit glitchy and hopefully by now I’ve fixed it.

So while Elijah’s mom and I were over the phone trying to address the Etsy glitch, I had the privilege of speaking to Elijah as well. He’s a nice kid and outspoken for his age. I heard his dad in the background cursing my book because of all the extra sewing he now has to do to keep his family happy. Ha.. Plush is work, you all, but it’s worth every effort (note the pic of the happy kid holding a handmade stuffy).

I think Hull was bought last Thursday, and I got him to the mail on Friday. Today (Wednesday) Elijah’s mom emailed to ask if there was a tracking number for Hull since he hadn’t arrived yet. I ran the USPS tracking info, and was given a very strange report.
Picture 9
Apparently Hull had made a slight detour to Oak Creek, Wisconsin. I cobbled together a map (below) so I could better grasp the concept of the trip Hull must have taken while in the care of the USPS. I wish he hadn’t been taped up inside a cardboard box. He could have taken loads of photos and bought souvenirs from every state he visited while on his winding, meandering journey to a destination just one state away from his origin. Sakes alive.
hull's trip

Of course, nobody from the customer service hotline at USPS could help me with the whole Wisconsin thing. Did it really happen? Is the USPS a big, swirling idiot or was the tracking system simply wrong? The good still outweighs the bad, though. I do like our postal system. Even though they give no guarantees for delivery times, even though we customers pay certain prices for certain services (priority mail typically arrives within 2 to 3 days to most destinations, but it’s not guaranteed). At any rate..

At the moment, I’m in my studio just sweltering despite the sun having set hours and hours ago. Nothing will make me enjoy the summer heat. I mean, if I had some kind of solar panel that converted the obscene amount of summertime radiation into hundred dollar bills, I could be persuaded to change my tune. But alas, that’d be too helpful so of course it’s not going to happen. It’s time for me to go home and shower and change my sheets for the ninetieth time this week (‘cause of all the excessive perspiration. I swear, I don’t go number 1 between May and October). It’s been a long day and tomorrow will be even longer. I’ve got a meeting with the editor of my new book tomorrow, so I’ll be cranking out material from the crack of dawn till I see the whites of his eyes. Can’t disappoint the ones who butter your bread, right?

Sakes.. I’m talking all out of my head now.. I’m so tired I’ve stopped making sense. On that note, I’ll leave you with a really great drawing from a really great youngster.

Thanks, everyone!