Back to Production.. More Zombabies in the queue.

These guys are the most fun to make. Rather than doing as I did with the last run of 7, I’m sort of processing all 8 of these at the same time. I spent a while yesterday just doing arms. When all 16 arms were done I stitched hair on all 8 heads. Then I attached inner mouth to outer mouth 8 times, and so on and so forth.

Next I’ll finish up stitching their ears, then it’s time to do teeth and tongues.. That’ll take a while, appliquéing 64 teeth into 8 mouths.. I’m looking forward to it though. They’ve received enough of a good review that I want to keep on making them.

Ideally, I’ll be saving all these little guys for the studio stroll happening in just under 2 weeks. I need back stock before I open my doors to tourists. But in the interest of covering all my bases, I’ll have them posted to the Etsy page as well. If one sells during the stroll, I’ll just remove it from display. If one sells in the shop, and then on Etsy, I’ll simply refund the Etsy customer with an apology. I’ve done this before and I don’t think it’s cheating.

Anyway, time for me to get to sewing.

Thanks everyone,