Now that camp is over...

Pictured here is a creature named Hlab. He’s one of my earliest and favorite creatures. The setting is the rooftop of my old Oakland apartment where the Stupid Creatures made their debut. Less than a decade has passed since this photo was shot, but it’s certainly been a lifetime. So much has happened, changed and been tried since I first took my scissors to a sock, and here I am at the start of a new chapter. My new location is old and familiar. My new opportunities have an element of routine. The only thing that’s changed is my new desire to keep helping kids. Where will that take me? What will that do for the creatures? Here’s where we find out.

So, I’ve finished with Eckerd Youth Alternatives and now I’m in a state of transition as I get back in the saddle with toy design. The past few days have been spent unpacking at my family’s house, straightening, tidying (kind of the same thing) and deciding my next permanent move. I have an open invitation to live with friends in the next town over. I’m not sure I want to do that, even though they live in a great town.

Right now what I need is a modest income to pave the way as I design my plush prototypes and write my new book. So I’m looking into a few part time jobs. One job in particular could be really good, but it would involve making yet another move and would eliminate the benefits of living with or near family.

So, I’ll ruminate and plan some more soon. I’m off to Raleigh to pick up my sister and drop her off at the airport. Then I’ll make supply runs for sewing things and maybe take some coffee time for filling out job applications, etcetera. I’ll have a look at the old Craigslist as soon as I get home.

Take care everybody!!