Sock Creature service page and Contact page have been updated.

Hi, Everybody..

I’ve added loads of information to the Sock Creatures section of the services menu. Read it and see what you think. I’m hoping down the line I can find a feature for RapidWeaver that will allow each FAQ question to act as a clicker for a popup window, which carries the answer. As now, the page is quite long with words, and I know nobody has the patience to read in such great detail anything online anymore. But the page as is will do for now.

I may combine the sock creatures service with custom plush items in general. A lot of the parameters are the same, though with custom plush jobs that are not in keeping with traditional Stupid Creatures™ orders, the primary difference is size, complexity, and as a result, cost. I still have to think about all that..

In addition, I’ve fixed the contact page. It’s now a functioning electronic form. Check it out and drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you!

Anyway.. Off to have pizza with friends. It’s rare I choose friends over studio time. I love it here in my little fabricky world filled with my handmade minions, but I do miss planet earth and its wondrous inhabitants from time to time.

Enjoy your Saturdays, everyone!