At long flippin' last, the new website is up!!

Photo 240
Hi, Everybody..

If you’re looking at this, then you’ve arrived at the new Thanks to a little gem of software called RapidWeaver, I was able to generate this very professional looking site with next to no programming knowledge. And I’m so pleased.

What you’ll find here that’s different from the previous site are these things:
• A new order form for custom stupid creatures.
• Brand new galleries bursting to the brim with pictures of my new work, my classic work, the work of my protégé Ian Dennis, and the work of fans who’ve bought my book.
• Information about the books I’ve written or helped write, and links to help you buy them.
• A map with directions to my studio
• A calendar of events
• A long overdue updated links page
• And of course, this new welcome page that tells you exactly what you need to know first.

A lot of work still needs to be done to the site. Importantly, the services I provide need more explanation and example. A website is never a hundred percent perfect before it’s launched, ‘cause it’d never get launched if a designer waited for perfection. So despite my site’s needs, I launched it ‘cause it was just darned time to launch it, you know?

Visit the contact page. Drop me lines. Tell me what you think of this new site and give me critiques if anything is unclear. I won’t sleep tonight, I’ll bet, for tweaking and fumbling with all the details.

Anyway. I’m due at a backyard concert. Mr. Buggybones (pictured above) wishes you a pleasant Friday night.