Visit my Formspring page and ask me questions. If you are a textiles student researching me for a school project, send me an email. The formspring page is a tad public for some of the questions you guys have been asking me.

My name’s John Murphy and I started making the Stupid Creatures™ back in 2003. Since then I’ve learned a lot about the art and/or crafting industry, written books, taught classes, given lectures, had residencies and hosted shows. I’ve been on TV, in print and on youtube. It’s been a heap of fun. I am now a full-time counselor for underprivileged and at-risk kids, teenagers and their families. Counseling and advocating for these voiceless, powerless individuals means more to me than any art-based success ever has. So that’s what I’m doing now. I still make the Stupid Creatures™ when I want, but primarily I design lines of toys for existing companies, and I write my how-to books for my publisher.

I’m a tireless worker. I hate vacations, but I do wish my weekends were longer. I am currently working out how I can use my art to help the kids in the demographic I serve. I teach them lessons and techniques whenever possible, but I’d like to host shows and sales to raise money for their basic needs and other things to improve the quality of their lives. I come across a lot of artistic kids in my industry, so I’d love to get these kids some exposure.

I’m a Christian. God is real, so is his son (nobody made that stuff up, though many liars and scoundrels run with the theme), and I understand that not everybody will get that, but I do, and it’s been a tremendous experience. You really want to know who you are? Square yourself with God. And not a “god” you make up or cobble together from stuff you agree with or can’t bear to face, but the real one who will tell you what’s what. It’s not altogether fun, but it’s better than not doing it. If you can get that.

Anyway. Even though I’m a full-time counselor, I will always be an artist. Not everybody can call themselves an artist, even though many posers will (kind of like Christians). Art is hard work, art is not for the lazy, art is not for those who wish to avoid responsibility, and nobody must judge artists as such. I’ve had a great run of opportunities with the Stupid Creatures™, and we’ll see just how long it will last. There’s more to me than the plush creatures, though, and one of these days I’ll be doing something different or something additional. I’m up to my eyebrows in commitments with the creatures; primarily designing some commercial plush lines., so it’ll be a while before I get back into the other art forms that I like. Gosh I miss comics and cartooning. I’ll carve out some time for that soon.

Feel free to contact me with any question or comment. Thanks!!

I like comic books, comic strips, animated TV shows and animated movies. I like Baroque sculpture and Harlem Renaissance painting. I prefer Bernini to Michaelangelo. Donatello’s David is my least favorite David. I’m not a fan of Matisse, but I appreciate what he did with color. I’m a fan of Henri Duchamp, but I think Jackson Pollock is a hack. I prefer communication to expression, though I believe expression happens whether you want it to or not. I prefer function to aesthetics, but if you can do well at both, all the better. I prefer to learn about something before deciding it doesn’t make sense or whether I like it or not. I prefer to get to know an artist before I judge his or her work.